1. Where are your products from and why are your prices slightly higher than the other local brands?


All of our products are proudly manufactured in Indonesia. We outsource and curate our fabrics from different suppliers in Korea to create the perfect premium Activewear for our customers.


    2. What are the materials used for the products? 

    We used fabric that has the combination of Nylon and Spandex for most of our products. The fabrics were also curated to be the best quality fabric imported from South Korea which is one of the countries with leading technologies for activewear fabrics. We categorized one of our premium fabric as Aerofit. 


      3. What is the difference between Aerofit and the normal fabric?

      Manufactured using the finest technologies, Aerofit utilizes high-gauge knitting post-process that is intended to create maximum softness and stretch to support your body in every movement. Please click this link to know more about Aerofit: https://melcoltd.com/pages/fabric


        4. Where can I find the Size Chart?

        You can easily find each size chart of the product in the last slide of the product details. 


          5. Where can I consult about choosing the right sizes if I am still confused?

          You can directly contact us through Whatsapp or Instagram and we will guide you through with open arms.


            6. Do you have a physical store?

            We are currently only available online, but please do expect a sudden bazaar visit from us!


              7. Where can I shop aside from the website?

              Aside from the website, our online channels include Shopee, Tokopedia, and also Whatsapp.


                8. Do you accept any returns? 

                Yes, we do! We have a 10 day free-returns policy. Please do contact us for further details.


                  9. How do I process my returns?

                  Here are some general steps that you can follow for the returns process.

                  • Tell us what problem you have regarding the product through our Whatsapp Business or you can also DM us on Instagram.
                  • Our Customer Support will help and guide you in creating the Return Form. 
                  • Follow several easy steps given by our Customer Support for the returning process.
                  • And you’re done! Kindly wait for your new return order to be processed.

                  10. Can I add an item to my order after submitting the order?


                  Please do not hesitate to contact us through Whatsapp if you would like to add an item to your order. We will gladly help you submit it to the same order if the package is not shipped yet.


                    11. What are the payment methods provided?

                    We only use certified professional payment integration and therefore your payment will always be safe and secured. We provide two payment methods, credit card and debit. Both methods will be conducted with a special virtual account number created for the order.


                      12. Can my order be delivered today?

                      We ship almost everyday, from Monday to Saturday. All orders with confirmed payments before 12.00 WIB, will be sent on the same day. We will try to send the orders after 12.00 on the same day,  but we can not guarantee it would be. 


                        13. How long does shipping the orders normally take?

                        For regular shipment, it usually takes up to 2-5 working days and for express shipment for approx. 1-2 days. But please note that the shipping day might vary according to each region.


                          14. How can I track my order?

                          Your tracking number will be emailed to you directly within 24 hours after shipment.